We all know the adage about the starving artist. Vincent Van Gogh died penniless, and partially earless I’ve heard, but that’s another story. We know that musicians today struggle to be fairly compensated for their work, with every hit song attracting a myriad of middle men lining up to take their cut of the profit. When an artist signs with a major label, they give up the rights to their own recordings, or the masters as they’re called in the music industry. Just ask Kesha, Taylor Swift, or Kanye West, who put out a firestorm of tweets on the subject back in September 2020. Emerging musicians notoriously have a hard time making ends meet, and it’s high time we SHOW THEM THE MONEY!! And that’s where Audius comes in. A blockchain-based music streaming service that connects listeners to artists, and has the potential to cut out the middleman and pay musicians directly when their songs are streamed. The future of music is decentralized! **NEW CRYPTO GIVEAWAY**
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1:18 The Issue With Current Music Distribution
1:35 The Proposed Solution, Audius
2:46 How Audius Pays Out
3:08 How Audius Gets You to Dance (via Staking)
4:44 The Benefits of a Decentralized Streaming Platform
5:33 Recent AUDIO & THETA Price Action SOURCES


Audius Guide: Staking & Delegating AUDIO Tokens

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