sponsored .bit ( je podigao $13 million to build a cross-chain decentralized identity protocol. The Series A round, completed one Čitaj više
Following the U.S. government prohibiting the use of the ethereum mixing service Tornado Cash, the crypto economy’s top privacy coins Čitaj više
The economist and gold bug Peter Schiff usually has a lot to say, and this past week Schiff explained during Čitaj više
Skybridge Capital is “pretty optimistic” about bitcoin and ethereum over the next 12 to 24 mjeseci. The global asset management Čitaj više
“Freedom in a wallet” is how Member of European Parliament Stefan Berger describes the non-fungible token (NFT) he is now Čitaj više
Vaculug, a British company that brands itself as Europe’s largest independent tire retreader, will now accept cryptocurrencies for its products Čitaj više
Bluebenx, a Brazil-based cryptocurrency investment platform, suspended withdrawals last week due to an alleged hack that made the company lose Čitaj više
Jamie Redman Jamie Redman je voditelj vijesti na News i financijski tehnološki novinar koji živi na Floridi. Redman Čitaj više
2022 has been the year of broken stablecoins as a myriad of dollar-pegged crypto assets depegged from their dollar value Čitaj više
Alexander Vinnik, the alleged owner and operator of the infamous cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e, has been found not eligible for release Čitaj više

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