LBank Exchange Continues to Hire Amid the Massive Crypto Job Cuts

LBank Exchange Continues to Hire Amid the Massive Crypto Job Cuts

ΔΕΛΤΙΟ ΤΥΠΟΥ. Cryptocurrency exchange LBank has continued to hire more crypto and blockchain talents as well as interns for its global offices.

Against the backdrop of extreme volatility in the crypto market and investors dumping risky assets, as well as certain crypto firms laying off employees and freezing withdrawals, LBank makes a move in the right lines.

At the moment, the exchange is hiring from all parts of the world including Indonesia, Philippines, Morocco, Turkey, Nigeria, Ινδία, etc., to add to its team members located in over 14 countries.

The crypto exchange, which has been in the space since 2015 has a slew of advantages that has earned it the spot as one of the top 20 ανταλλαγές with deep liquidity.

To add to that, in the era of hacks and security breaches among crypto platforms, LBank has managed to remain ‘unhacked’ and secured.

Με άλλα λόγια, the user-friendly platform provides users with secure, professional and convenient products and services, including spot trading, παράγωγα, staking, and an NFT marketplace.

Allen Wei, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of one of the world’s biggest crypto exchanges says in a statement,

“We believe in weathering the storm ahead of the sunny day. LBank is building a strong ecosystem with users as the core and the structure we are all enjoying today was created by a team of brilliant minds. For us, this is a great time to bring in more talents out there who may have unfortunately lost their source of livelihood.”

LBank has been strategic in providing its community with more education and networking opportunities through its varying meetups in several cities in the world.

The result of its commendable approach can be seen in its recent market valuations of over $1.7 billion in daily transactions. Ομοίως, the exchange has swiftly leapt ahead of others to become one of the top crypto exchanges in the world.

The fastest-growing exchange is also investing millions of dollars and incubating outstanding blockchain projects through its venture capital arm LBank Labs.

So far, the Labs venture has invested in over 100 ecological projects and intends to do more as it is already partnering with Tezos India for “TezIndia Hackathon” and Adanian Labs for the “Crypto Accelerator Program” in Africa.

About LBank Exchange

LBank Exchange, ιδρύθηκε σε 2015, is an innovative global trading platform for various crypto assets. LBank Exchange provides its users with safe crypto trading, specialised financial derivatives, and professional asset management services. It has become one of the most popular and trusted crypto trading platforms with over 7 million users from more than 210 regions around the world.

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