The blockchain industry is filled with a variety of different projects, all competing for the same market share. The communities attached to these projects always think that their project is the best, and they always have a list of reasons for why their favorite will end up on top. This isn’t exactly how it works though, it's not a zero sum game where the winner takes all, and it's hard to say which project is the best when they are all taking different approaches and optimizing for different things. It's like asking whether a dolphin is better than a cheetah, the answer depends on whether the competition is on land or in water. Still, it's important to know which trade offs are being made with the projects you're invested in. In this video we’re going to compare some of the top smart contract platforms in the crypto space, and identify some of their main strengths and weaknesses. What We Discuss:
0:00 Intro
0:52 Layer 1 Race
2:16 SOL
3:17 BNB
3:38 Fantom
4:08 Terra LUNA
4:47 Avalanche
5:01 Cardano
5:27 ETH Layer 2
5:52 Optimisum and Arbitrum
6:08 Polygon
6:29 ZK
7:08 DYDX Learn more about crypto ➡️
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