The engines of crypto run at high RPMS and churn out a lot of torque. But the race we’re in has multiple classes of cars in it. Some, like Bitcoin are the high end prototype cars, others like Enjin or Cosmos are exotics. Stablecoins….they’re more like a Mitsubishi Mirage. Stablecoins are boring to us degens, but vitally important to the entire crypto ecosystem. But don’t be fooled, the tech behind Stablecoins is no slouch and the future of stablecoins will determine how much freedom the world will have in the coming years. The race to be the #1 stablecoin is intense and a new driver is coming on to the scene that is right now downshifting, and attempting to pass the current leader, Tether, on the inside. **NEW CRYPTO GIVEAWAY**
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